"What is a deeper, often unannounced, issue is how colorism affects Black women’s lives- all of us from cream to chocolate. I’m most confused because Zoe’s body of work just does not warrant the casting. I’d rather see a Thandie Newton play Simone, if the idea was to cast a “more appeasing aesthetic”. Overall though, Black people and particularly Black women are tired of being cast out of their own narratives (and I say that in respect to representation and Saldana, I believe, is Afro-Latin). Nina was more than brown skinned- she was a woman who embraced her brown skin (and all that came with it) so deeply that she became and activist that had to expatriate to maintain her sanity. I beg those who don’t understand the uproar to watch ONE Nina Simone interview and ask if Zoe is a good fit. When Denzel played Malcolm or Jeffrey Wright played MLK, they were actors whose hone of craft made the choice believable. This is not that, which begs us to question, “well what is it?”"

- A comment I just left on Facebook. Heh.
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Realist bus stop sign I read in a long time. (Taken with Instagram)

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1. I will admit they have weird hair

2. I love their accents (especially the Irish ones)

3. Why did I think they were like 14 years old?!


I don’t know why but I like these li’l guys! #DontJudgeMe